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The Saga

Relegation from TPL

Port F.C. dropped to Division 1 for the first time in 2012 thanks to the ongoing boardroom disputes. There was hardly any investment coming in for the club and it led to a team of lower quality players in the club. Thai Port failed to find the back of the net in almost half of their league games and were relegated on the penultimate round of fixtures when they lost 2–1 at home to Muang Thong United.

Floodlight saga

The team members were forced to play home games at the Supachalasai and Sarakul Stadium in during the 2010 AFC Cup since they did not have floodlights that could match the AFC criteria. Kickoffs for TPL games regularly start at 4 pm at the PAT Stadium. The club was bound to make temporary arrangements for floodlights in order to have the last 2 games of the TPL start their kick off at 6 pm.

The Stadium Impact

A very popular step taken by Thai Port F.C was that of moving into the PAT Stadium in Khlong Toei, Bangkok in 2009. It was admired by the local supporters. Attendances saw a rise with time and the club decided to have two new stands built so the capacity would double to become 12000. Match tickets cost 80 baht or 100 baht and are bought from a small ticket office next to the stadium.


 "Khlong Toei Army" is what the supporters of Thai Port are often referred to as. The name Khlong Toei Army refers to Khet Khlong Toei, the location of the club. "Nakrob Sad Nam-ngurn" refers to Orange-red Blue Warrior, the Thai Port's shirt colours.

The supporters of Thai Port and Chonburi have forged a very close friendship. Many supporters of Thai Port went to the FA Cup final in 2010 wearing Thai Port colors to cheer for Chonburi against Muangthong United.

Souvenir Shop: A tribute

In the stadium grounds, there is a perfectly well stocked souvenir shop owned by the club. The shop stocks replica shirts, scarves and other merchandise for supporters to buy.\

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Ownership Dispute

In the Thai Premier League, the rights to operate the Thai Port Football Club were reserved by The Port Authority of Thailand.

There was a legal dispute between Thai Port Authority of Thailand and the Thai Port FC Company, over the operating rights of the Thai Premier League's Thai Port Football Club. The Football Association of Thailand or the FAT and the Thai Premier League ruled on the legal dispute.

As per the ruling, the Port Authority of Thailand, the club's original owner, had been granted operating rights of the team for the 2011–12 Thai Premier League season. The club's ownership was never signed over to the Thai Port F.C. company. Hence, the ownership stayed.

Offended by the decision, the President of Thai Port FC Company, Pichet Munkong, threatened to file a civil lawsuit in the court of law. He cited a part from the Thai Premier League regulations. There was a mention of state enterprises being prohibited to operate a football club. And the PAT was one.


Thai Port Football Club was founded as Port Authority of Thailand Football Club in 1967 by Major Prachuap Suntranakul, who was the director of Port Authority Thailand at the time. He chaired the Port Authority F.C and acted as an integral part in ensuring the growth of the club during its initial years.

The first Kor Royal Cup victory for Port F.C. came in 1968, which was marked as the beginning of the club's most successful era. Post 1968, the club continued to bring the KOR Royal Cup glory home for six years between. 1968 to 1979. Port F.C. had also made its mark at the Queen's Cup by winning it 4 times consecutively from 1977 – 1980. It also had plenty of success in the Queen's Cup, winning it 4 times in succession from 1977 to 1980. Post the 1980 Queen's Cup victory. Following the 1980 Queen's Cup win, Port Authority won four trophies in 13 years.

Come 2009 Thai Premier League season and the PAT Football Club changed its name to Thai Port Football Club Co. Ltd. This change was mandatory because a new set of regulations in the Football Association of Thailand required all teams in the top flight to be registered as limited companies. The change in name may or may not be held responsible for a 16 year long wait. This was the year when the club emerged victorious and raised the winner's trophy for the Thai FA Cup final. Port's opponents in the finals at Suphachalasai Stadium were BEC Tero. The match finished 1–1 after extra time, with Thai Port winning the penalty shootout 5–4. It was indeed the team's effort and skills. While Port F.C.'s keeper Pattarakorn had saved BEC Tero's fifth penalty, Thonkove from Thai Port scored the decisive spot kick for victory.

Football Team

Football happens to be the most watched and rejoiced sport across the globe. Bet let us consider Thailand, one of the countries in the league of international teams. One of the most successful football clubs in Thailand goes by the name "Port Football Club".

Port Football Club, which was formerly known as Singhtarua Football Club, has its roots at the Khlong Toei district of Central Bangkok. It is based at the PAT (Port Authority of Thailand) stadium which has a seating capacity of 12,000. This club goes by the nickname Khlong Toei horse and is also fondly called Thai Port.

Thai football history has this name on the list of the most successful clubs because of their victories. They have won the Kor Royal Cup 8 times and the Queen's Cup 6 Times. They added another big feather on their cap, the Thailand FA cup in 2009. Their triumph touched new heights with their victory in the newly introduces Thai League Cup, when they won it in 2010. They were given a warm welcome at the PAT stadium with a prize money of 5 million Baht.